RTG 2175 Perception in Context and its neural Basis

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classroom 2 Ocotber - 6 October 2018 Retreat at San Servolo, Venice

PIs and Doctoral Candidates met for this year's retreat at San Servolo island, close to Venice in Italy. The program was composed of talks, a key note lecture with Dora Angelaki and workshops. The talks were dedicated to navigation, vestibular and visual neuroscience and emphasized the interdisciplinary orientation of the RTG.



Group photo with keynote speaker Dora Angelaki



25 October - 27 October 2017: RTG 2175 - Welcome Retreat

PIs and Doctoral Candidates convened in the hotel "Jäger von Fall" at the Lake of Sylvenstein to welcome our new cohort of PhD students. We had presentations of the running PhD projects plus lectures from PIs that highlight interdisciplinary work that is being done in the research group. The retreat concluded with a meeting of the PhD student to give feedback and discuss the outlook of the program for the next year.


Talk October 17

Prof. Herz on "The Many Ways to Read from Grid Cells"

Participants October 17

Hiking Tour "Ahornboden - Binsalm"



2 July - 5 July 2017: RTG 2175 Retreat

The RTG 2175 retreat 2017 took place at Frauenwörth on the Fraueninsel, Chiemsee. The main topic was "A Hands on Data Analysis Course in MATLAB". The PhD students approached the topic in 6 workshops with the following key aspects:

"Basic Statisitics" with Ruth Ruscheweyh

"Video-based motion tracing" with Alexander Knorr

"ERP data analysis in fieldtrip" with Artyom Zinchenko

"Analysis of image data: from raw images to dF/F" with Pieter Goltstein

"Multichannel LFP data analysis" with Anton Sirota

"Interfacing MySQL databases with Data Joint" with Laura Busse


Workshop July 17

Workshop with Pieter Goltstein

Participants July 17



8 December 2016: Workshop and Coaching "Gender equality"

All students of the RTG were invited to participate to a workshop focusing on teambuilding and teamtraining. The Workshop gave them the opportunity to connect with their fellow colleagues and to reflect how they, both as individuals and as colleagues in the research training group, can pursue and finish their various PhD projects in a focussed, fruitful, and resourceful way. In the afternoon, the female doctoral candidates attented individual coachingsessions.


8.12.2016 Gender Workshop












diplomaOctober 2016: Deutsche Schmerzgesellschaft: 1st place YoungScientistAward Pain 2016

The 1st prize of the YoungScientistAward Pain 2016 was awarded to Stefanie Krafft at the Deutscher Schmerzkongress (German Pain Congress) in Mannheim by the German Pain Society in cooperation with Janssen-Cilag GmbH.
The YoungScientistsAward Pain is addressed explicitly to young scientists in German research institutions who deal with the subject of pain in patient-related research. Innovative works are being awarded, based on their contribution to the treatment of chronic pain.

Stefanie's award winning research was conducted at the University Hospital Großhadern (LMU), Department of Neurology, under the supervision of PD Dr. Ruth Ruscheweyh and Prof. Dr. Andreas Straube and in cooperation with the Hospital of Traunstein, Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Therapy. The RIII reflex feedback training was used for the first time on chronic back pain patients, investigating its impact on pain therapy.